I want to mention those who helped me to build this web site. This whole thing would not have came up but for many international fans of Anne McCaffrey. Here, we all share the same passion, the same pleasure to read Anne's books, her characters, her stories and plots.

Covers are a very important part of her books. Indeed they are not directly made by and from Anne's vision, but they help to put pictures on stories. Yes, we all have our own idea of what one of her characters or her landscapes looks like. But watching, touching is another matter.

Above all, comparing covers between countries is a wonderful way to see how different our cultures are. It's like reading a book in your own language, then reading the same book in the author's language. You have the feeling to read another story, to discover more deeply the same world. Once we have done this, it is so easier to understand each other.


Name/NickCountryWeb site (* Pern or Anne McCaffrey related)
Amelie FranceNone
Andy Brown United KingdomNone
Alexandra Rüger Germany None
Beth Kimbler USA None
Cheryl USA *
Edith Rogers United KingdomNone
Erlhan Netherland *
Jamie Hurst United KingdomNone
Falessa Germany None
Franz Bruyere USA None
Gillian (Shadow*) United Kingdomnone
Jacquie Milner Australia None
Jenn USA None
Jennifer USA None
Jenifer Australia None
Jon United KingdomNone
Louise French USA None
Matthew Davis United Kingdom *
Mirren Hogan Australia None
Molly (aka Lady Yui) United KingdomNone
Nicolas Urban France None
Oliver Feiler Germany
Philippe Bernhard Switzerland None
Syberdragon United KingdomNone

If you feel you should figure in this list, please, please, let me know. I received covers from people I don't have the reference any more. Just send me an email and I will answer you immediately and include you in the list!